While you are on Stardoll, it is strictly forbidden to: 

- Use bad words, sexually graphic terms or to make racist remarks.
- Bully other stardolls or in other ways make them feel uncomfortable.
- Share or ask for personal information such as password, phone number, email, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Polyvore,, Instagram or similar.
- Post external links or usernames.
- Make private deals or trades, share or sell accounts or sell items for more than 600 Stardollars.
- Type your password anywhere except in the log-in box on (or any Stardoll apps) or change your email to any email address that does not belong to you.
- Claim to be part of the Stardoll Staff.
- Create or design items that may be offensive to others, including (but not limited to) cigarettes, weapons and drugs.
- Use proxies or hacks.
- Duplicate the original design of another stardoll.
- Run scripts or use automation software in order to advance in the game.
- Ask or encourage other members to break the rules in any way.

Stardoll is a fun, fashionable place for you to enjoy yourself and have fun! You can get creative, hang out with friends and meet new people from all over the world. We have created the One Stop Rules to keep Stardoll fun and safe. 
Any violation of the rules is taken very seriously and may result in your account being deleted with no chance of a refund.
Last updated: 2015-08-19 11:47:45


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